La Escuela And More

This is some detail from the facade of the Temple of Santo Domingo.

It’s so dramatic, I need to find some information… There’s a very large market in front.

An inside view.

Below, from the front door, and from the back.

Google street view of a normal street in the historic center where behind these doors you will find the massage place, a few restaurants, shops, a hair cutting place, etc. and Instituto de Lenguas Jovel…Cynthia’s school where she has been going in every day but I’ve done zoom for the sake of my twisted ankle. Today, Friday, I went in!

The front door and behind that door check it out!

Here are my teachers again because they are so adorable.

The textile museum was just closing but they let us have a few minutes convincing us to come back another time.

We had a roaming buffet for dinner at a couple of Cynthia’s favorite places beginning at this most delicious tacos al pastor con piña place (notice the pineapple above the meat – each taco gets a sliver of pineapple too)..

..then, check out that door. You go up to the door, tell the woman there how many you want and what toppings you want and she produces a type of taquito so delicious, really one of the most memorable tastes so far. We are eating them on a park bench across the street.

Then we went to a nearby bakery and selected among so many delicious-looking treats, and then we took a cab home. Another great day in San Cris!

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