New Year’s Eve

But first..

..we went to the dog friendly El Encuentro: “Biodiversidad Parque Natural Encuentro. This park is private property, but open to the public as a voluntary conservation area located to the east of San Cristóbal de Las Casas in the lower middle part of the Jovel Valley Basin, on the banks of the Fogótico River. It comprises a wide range of environmental conditions that include pine-oak forest, scrub, riparian vegetation, and open areas of induced grasslands. Historically it has been known as a place for family recreation and recreation.” from

Kai having the best time…

…running to join all the people who might give him pets. I waved, they waved back.

Below is me resting while Cynthia checked out more of the grounds including the gardens above.

YES, a taxi to take us home…

…for an afternoon rest. Kai, in his spot.

Next stop was the trolley tour around San Cris featuring, no surprise here, churches.

So many churches…

The adults in this group where taking various pictures of this kid and that one and various selfies so I asked the woman holding the baby if she’d like a picture with everyone. Oh yes, she would like that very much, and handed me her phone. Gather ’round, Click Click. Then she said wait wait you, patted a spot on the bench, and gave Cynthia her phone. Wellll, I had to have that picture too!

This group was gathered in the plaza of yet another church. I was so taken with all the fun that I forgot about the church and we had to hurry back to the trolley as this was a 10 minute stop amazingly without a vendor in sight.

Our tour ends with another view of the central plaza in front of the cathedral.

This restaurant on the plaza was having a big Prix Fixe dinner but we ate at home – a pile of fabulous tamales and one of Cynthia’s yummy salads, and then came here for a late night hang on the balcony…and then home sweet home by 11. Right up my alley!

Happy New Year!

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