A Cozy Capital City

Another cool mural on a side street I could easily have missed. I’m sure I missed plenty.


Today was the first sunny morning since I’ve been here and everyone was so excited. The streets were full of people looking like this, with their faces soaking up the joy. On the corner of my block is the renowned Einar Jónsson Museum where there is a large sculpture garden that I stroll through often.


I found a new street to walk on and first thing, what’s that smell? What are those people lined up for? Bakery Treats! Of course I went in there and it was worth it.

Brauð & Co. (I copy/paste all these Icelandic words that I don’t know how to type.)
These corrugated metal panels are everywhere, on roofs and the sides of buildings, and they are even used as fencing.

So many murals in such a small city and almost entirely unmolested.

My wander took me past Harpa again. Irresistible!

The Sun Voyager (Icelandic: Sólfar [ˈsouːlˌfaːr̥]) by Jón Gunnar Árnason
Reykjavik Art Museum

It seemed a lot so I looked it up, there are 8 Vietnamese restaurants in Reykjavik, and a couple markets too.

The woman at the Maritime Museum let me just sit here in this fabulous chair with an entertaining view of the waterfront before I tackled the walk back home.
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