Sky Lagoon And More

What I did today: I rested some, walked around town, went to a couple museums, had a ton of fun with some kids, enjoyed the Sky Lagoon with Guðbjörg, and ate a yummy dinner with my guesthouse mates.

The National Gallery of Iceland, only one exhibit hall was open. One of the docents was a little bored it seemed and spent a long time telling me what was open elsewhere and helping me pronounce their names.
The Settlement Exhibition, nicely displayed artifacts from the olden days.
I like it.
Another picture is the top one. I kept seeing these large groups of teenagers roaming around town in crazy costumes. These kids told me The Whole Story, showed me pictures, laughed and told jokes, signed me up for their Instagram. It was So much fun. And every one of them spoke Perfect English. I was awed.
Then Guðbjörg picked me up and we were off for a beautiful few hours at the Sky Lagoon, the latest hot water extravaganza in Reykjavik.
And after it all, at 9pm I just had to eat. This place, Loki, is down the block from my guesthouse and when I went in…
…these women who are staying at my guesthouse were having dinner, invited me to join them, and it was lovely. I have so far met my goal of once a day eating fresh fish right out of the ocean. And I got a shot of ‘the National Drink of Iceland’, Brennivin. It’s a grain-mash liquor flavored with caraway, I would get it again.
The view out the window of the restaurant. My church!
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