Morro Bay With Jack And My Valley Girls

Becky and Jack invited the whole gang up to their beach house in Morro Bay. Ann and Ljubica couldn’t make it and Lourdes is back in Arizona, but the rest of us did!

Marija, Becky, Alicia, Marsha, Maxine, me

Everyone else came on Thursday and left on Sunday but I came on Friday and left on Monday. This is the picture Jack took of everyone on their balcony. Mighty nice view of the iconic Morro Rock. (btw, from what I heard, the Big Event of Thursday was shopping!)

We ate early at a nice place on the bay. We were cozy on the patio surrounded by the forest of heaters.

And after dinner Becky and Jack taught us a card game and lively competition ensued!


In the morning we ate a big breakfast and then headed out for the Big Event, an electric boat ride around the bay.

Maxine was COLD but three hoodies did the trick!

After the boat ride we all went shopping along the bay, and then went back to the house for a yummy left-overs lunch. And then Marija, Marsha, Alicia, and Maxine went shopping Again up to Cambria. I stayed back with Becky and Jack for a most pleasant and relaxing afternoon.

Alicia, with the help of her sous chefs, made us a beef stew dinner and it was delightful.


Everyone else was off in the morning and Hazel, Becky, Jack, and I went for a nice walk down by The Rock.

Jack and Hazel the Dog.

For a final delight Becky and I went to a very good concert at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Check it out. 100 voices with a crazy rare 47 men, a full orchestra, a comfortable and welcoming venue. It was fun!

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