Paso Robles With Susan And Fred

Susan and Fred living off the grid in Paso Robles in a house They Built.. By Themselves. What?!

And it’s a big house too! Below are some pictures of the great room that is indeed a Great Room! (Hey, SELF, lighten these pictures.)

Susan gathered each of these stones from so many special places and built this labyrinth that we walked on. It’s name is The Santa Rosa Labyrinth and it has a story. You can look it up and google will tell you.

More of the labyrinth.

One of the many special rocks outlining the labyrinth’s paths. All the rocks are special…

They call that small building in the back the pump house. All the solar collections are on the building and on the frame behind it feeding into the batteries inside the pump house that then feed the whole property. Their water is from a well and held in a huge tank, the waste goes to a septic tank, there must be some other off-grid accommodations I’m forgetting right now.

A water feature and The Dog!

Susan sent me home with a crocheted-by-her dish washer and a jar of liquid gold, also made by Susan, to dissolve in water for the garden.


They call this sunset view from the back patio ‘The Burning Bush’.



Before we went to the house we did a drive-about in the area.

We visited Kiler Ridge Olive Oil where we had a tasting and enjoyed the views.

An olive wood bowl for sale.

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