Morro Bay

What a delightful day with Becky and Jack at their beach house in Morro Bay!


The weather was perfect, cool, bright, fresh, perfect. We had a yummy lunch…
…in this harbor where we enjoyed a beautiful stroll on the boardwalk through a bird sanctuary and you know how much I appreciate a boardwalk.
And from everywhere, views of The Rock.
We took a short walk down to a protected rookery. Notice all the nests…

And we had to swing by the big entertainment of the past week – The Dredge. This guy comes by once a year to dredge out the harbors and then build the protective banks. (There is a vocabulary word that is escaping me right now. Yikes!)
It was from here that we walked over to The Dredge and then on to The Rock to watch the otters. I’m not sure if the walking trail goes all the way around but it looked intriguing as do many other walking trails in the area.
Thanks guys, it was great and congratulations on your awesome home. Jack, Becky, me, on the balcony at Casa Brand.
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