The Bishop And The Kings

First we did a little prep for one of the wedding festivities and then around noon we went to enjoy The Bishop Museum. I think it’s quite wonderful especially if you’re interested in, and know a little about, Polynesian history.

We decided to see one of the Planetarium shows which cut into our time to view the exhibitions, but we enjoyed it all.

Interesting to know about the extinct mamo bird.


I got it in my head I wanted to bring malasadas to Lucas and Betsy who where hosting us for dinner. So I googled around for the Best malasadas, a Portuguese puffed pastry that is often filled with custard delights, and the internet had a unanimous choice – Leonard’s.

What you do is first you wait forever in line (Lona and Windy stayed in the car since I insisted). OK, first you wait and then you stand in the parking lot and gorge on your irresistible sweet treat. We went quickly straight home saving ourselves from the gorge-fest.

We had enough time to take a little rest and it’s a good time to show you where I sleep. On the lanai. There is no a/c in the condo but the breeze has been perfect. Lona and Windy are sharing the king bed that is just inside that sliding glass door which they leave open to also catch a breeze. You wouldn’t believe how loud and perfect is the sound of the sea here in our bird’s nest at the shore.


So many thanks for a delightful evening! Lucas, Ruth, Lona, Betsy, Xander, Windy. Lucas took this selfie of himself with his mom. Awww.

Upstairs where Windy and I will stay when Lona’s condo fills up with more visitors.

And yes how cute are we (mostly Xander). (Betsy sprained her ankle and we talked ALL about it.)
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