Welcome to Honolulu

There was plenty of buzz around our arrival day with hearty welcomes from our Honolulu resident-families but sigh, no pictures except the one below, from our balcony,


By the morning I had already staked out my seat which you can see in the first picture on the left, in the mirror. The second picture is the view from my seat, Lona doing her exercises. She walks 4-5,000 steps before the rest of us are up, then does exercises, and walks again in the afternoon. My much older sister is in very good shape! (I have told her repeatedly that she had better stay well because I would be a lousy matriarch.)

Lona’s picture.

Lucas drove us around today explaining points of interest including “the best shave ice on the island” at Uncle Clay’s (it was very good), and according to Lona “the most gorgeous Costco in the world” (to which I can agree).


Then we walked to one of my most favorite places, the Surfrider Beach Bar where for the price of a cocktail you can enjoy views of the sea, a gorgeous patio, sit under a massive banyan tree, and enjoy a show. In the past, for Ever, it was a trio including a hula dancer. But no dancer tonight! Oh NO. The waiter said they had stopped booking dancers since the pandemic. I was about to be disappointed although the duo we had sang and played beautifully. So what was to lose, I asked them if either could dance hula. “Yes Of Course” said the woman, and they preceded to make me Very Happy.

This is just a screen shot from a video I will enjoy playing often.

Back at the condo, looking down from the lanai, you can see how quiet it is. We are at the far end of Waikiki Beach, down by the zoo, where they don’t have the attractions of the main part of the beach, but it is 99% more peaceful.

It’s Friday night so we get fireworks down the beach from the Ala Moana Mall. Here’s a big telephoto from our balcony.

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