The Four Seasons +

Thanks to Alan and Jo Ann we had another wowza evening at the Hollywood Bowl. Me, Alan, Jo Ann, Muriel.

The program included a Jessie Montgomery piece Shift, Change, Turn, and an orchestration of the Tchaikovsky piano pieces call The Seasons, and then the big hit of the night, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

We had another guest conductor, New Zealander Gemma New (audition we assume!) and a startling virtuoso performance by the violin player Nathan Cole, the First Associate Concertmaster with the LA Phil, married to Akiko Tarumoto, the LA Phil’s Assistant Concertmaster.  So First Associate Concertmaster vs Assistant Concertmaster = ‘The associate concertmaster sits next to the concertmaster and is sometimes called “second concertmaster.” The assistant sits third chair’.

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