What Now

The oral surgeon asked to change my followup to this morning from later in the week and I was glad to get to it because the area was still bugging. He took out the stitches, said there was some inflamation, and I should come back next week. He also gave me a prescription for 2 weeks of heavy antibiotics to have on hand in case I get a flare up in Italy.

Then I checked in at the Physical Therapy place where they have a bunch of doctors next door at the University Foot and Ankle Institute for a second opinion since my sprained ankle from 8 months ago is still bothering me too.  They could see me right then and happily for me, they take medicare.  I had another long set of x-rays and the doctor said everything looked good bone-wise but I did have an especially sore tendon so tomorrow I’m getting an mri.  Either the tendon is split or it isn’t.  I can still travel no problem, but I am very glad to know the answer before I leave.

And ANOTHER thing, statins. I’ve not had any regular medications so far, but on my last visit to the doctor they did a test for the genetic marker indicating a vulnerability to heart disease since my father died of a stroke and at the end of her life my mother had heart disease. My number was so high I rushed straight down to the pharmacy. Oh yes please, give me those satins, stat!

But on the upside, there’s a rainbow in my bathroom!

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