The Ranch Memorial Weekend

Above, part of the olive tree lined driveway into the ranch, and below, the entry gate.

For the welcome first night’s Friday dinner we always have Shabbot with candles and prayers, songs, and challah with wine. Tradition! Bill and Rita always bring duck from Chinatown and make a vegetable stir fry. We always have salmon, this time prepared by Nana in Japanese style with another vegetable dish and rice. Sandy made poppy seed cake with whipped cream and fruit.
EAT is right. Oh my goodness. The food is so tasty and so very much of it and proffered so very often mostly by Barbara and Jerry but everyone has something to offer. The cooking and clean-up, no surprise here, is held up primarily by the women in attendance.
This is the other main eating venue. Lunch is always out here, and also the traditional BBQ FEAST on Sunday night. There’s a large and fully stocked kitchen there to the left and the BBQ area is down the path past the fence.
Samara, Sandy, Lewis, Lynn in the Dining Hall.
Bob, Bill, Dennis, Carl at the Pool House.

This was an unexpected and delightful addition to the program. Ian and Nana and their fabulous baby who I enjoyed Every Day came in from their home in Japan. Here is Nana making us all Japanese tea with a delicious selection of snacks she brought from Japan, and cookies she had made the night before, all served up in the new family dining room. You go!

Jerry’s Garden…GROW!

Naomi and Rita. So many sporty activities for the guests to enjoy. Tennis, basketball, ping pong, swimming, hiking, yoga, what else? added to a barn full of indoor games such as skee ball, foosball, pool, and more.

And then there’s the spa! Lynn, Naomi, Marijke.

Everyone takes The Walk at least once per day, a one mile stroll (or power walk or run…) around the olive groves with much to be seen and enjoyed along the way.
I was so excited to see these cherry trees thinking Hanami might be in my future but Jerry fears they’re not going to make it. Fingers crossed for someday a canopy of cherry blossoms.

This is here as an example. Everywhere Barbara goes she comes home with trunks full of amazing things, things that one finds in every room of the property.
Lots of cars this year.

And below, Inside and Outside my front door.

Here and below, some pictures from around:

Ben and Bonnie enjoying these amazing better-than-a-hammock things. We took a picture of the label but I don’t think it will be too much help since it only gives an address in China.

Here’s me taking a turn. So even if we could find them to buy we couldn’t buy this view!

And below, I’m closing with the group shot from Saturday’s Entertainment Night. I hope to get a few pictures from the others of the bits I missed (Bonnie…).
Bill, Jerry, me, the baby (get the spelling!), Nana, Lewis, Barbara, David, Naomi, Lynn, Carl; Ian Dennis, Samara, Rita, Ben, Bob, Marijke, Bonnie. Missing: Sandy, Dusty and his two boys.
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