Booked! The flight, the car, the accommodations. Oh indeed-ee-do. I’ve even got a coat on the way, and yet again another effort to find closed shoes I can stand. I think I’ve got everything (I think that and then I think of something else…). Oh joy!

The map shows all the accommodation stops along the way, a few places I’m staying two nights. Because I made the plans myself I’ve got places I like of the ‘guest house’ style, too small to host any of the myriad tour groups on the same route. There really is only one main road, the Ring Road. I’m taking many side trips off the Ring Road but still not off-road meaning people will be around.

It’s going to be light for 19 hours when I get there and 20 when I leave which is exciting to know that I’m never going to have to deal with driving in the dark. The weather sites say to look for a high around 50 and lows in the mid-30s. Cold but not cold and no ice on the roads.

And fresh fish, every day, right out of the ocean. That’s my plan!

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