Exposition Park

Bonnie at the Endeavor exhibition at the California Science Center.  The photo is from Bonnie’s camera, I didn’t cut her out, this is real, the glow I guess  is just something about the lighting.  She’s holding the reason we came here, gifts for the grandkids in Israel.


The Exposition Park Rose Garden

It’s phenomenal! (inset from the internet)

We went around smelling all the different kinds which was easy because they were at nose level.

Bonnie wanted to go to the gift shop at the Science Center to get some replacement toys for her grandkids in Israel and we both thought it would be cool to see the Jane Goodall retrospective at the Natural History Museum. Tick Tick.

The Jane Goodall show was huge – comprehensive and well done, and old-timey in a way. There were a few interactive elements, like recording your voice copying some chimp vocalizations, but mostly it was storyboards and artifacts, especially good for people who already want to know more about Jane Goodall.

More ghostly auras, this time from the way they projected the image.

BONNIE’S FLOWERS from the Rose Garden!

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