Lake Tahoe

The gang from my visit to Sweden reassembled itself here in Lake Tahoe! Jim, Baby, Rick, Lill, Tony. They drew that dog ‘tattoo’ on their arms to send to a friend who, during a game of Pictionary, drew this very dog for a dog…and will never Ever live it down.


I arrived from Sacramento just in time to join in for a late lunch and then we went to the nearby town of Tahoe City. As well as shops and restaurants, they have a nice public beach there and a very nice walking path.

Later in the evening we went down to the private beach connected to the complex where we were staying at Dollar Point.

The dock above belongs to the next door complex. I seem to have missed a picture of our beach I guess because I got too excited over this bird. ND found it on the internet, a sweet little Barn Swallow.



We left early to visit Virginia City, Nevada. These pictures are all from the internet because there were so many people and so many cars I wasn’t happy with any of my own. Virginia City was developed overnight in 1859 with the great silver discovery of the Comstock Lode and now it’s a full-on tourist town. Not like Colonial Lynchburg for example because the refurbishment efforts have been minimal which added to the charm (although I should note that all the trumpiness did give me a bit of a shiver).

This is the larger of the two, the Catholic church that is in good enough condition and open for services and visitors.
The Episcopal church on the other hand was in very bad shape and they were not able to hold services in the main areas but they did have a little rec room space on the floor below, with 10 chairs and a microphone. The church was actually closed, but Rick and I lucked out in that a woman with a key was puttering around outside and she let us in.
After visiting Virginia City (and it was HOT btw) Rick drove me and Baby back ‘the long way’ so we could get a feel for South Lake Tahoe (we are north on the California side in the quieter area), and catch a glimpse of Emerald Bay.

Evening fun!


For orientation, notice the dotted line that separates California and Nevada.

We did two easy walks in the morning, chosen for me I’m sure because Rick, Jim, Lill, and Tony are Hikers: big boots, two walking poles, quarts of water, see you in several hours.

First stop, a lovely meadow boardwalk.

From Rick on his phone, ‘so I can get a picture of me right away!’
Snow balls!
Tony and one of his many entertaining shirts.

And our second walk was at Sand Harbor – Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park | State Parks. It was such a pretty public beach area although I can imagine it getting crowded beyond enjoyment.


A most unusual house across the street.

The back side of our unit. We had a four bedroom condo on three floors with everything one would need to cook in, which we did for all but one meal. What a good job you guys!



That’s our condo behind Lill’s head. Goodbye all, it was FAB!

(hey google take selfie)


Other People’s Pictures

LILL: our back balcony from before I arrived, the gang enjoying a lightening storm! We also got one fabulous view of the International Space Station and one less fabulous view. That ISS moves Fast, orbiting the earth every 90 minutes. When you can see it, it’s unmistakable. This website will tell you where it is:
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