Above is the view from my hotel window. I had to change rooms three times but it was worth it considering the two other views were commercial roofs full of air conditioning units.

Rolling into Sacramento at 5:30p the temperature was 110. The following day it was 97. Nice as Sacramento is, but yikes.


My hotel is positioned exactly where I wanted to be, right between Old Town and the Capitol. Coming onto the plaza, here’s the divider:

Following under the gate to Old Sacramento we pass through an underpass..

..leading right into Old Town.

I got up at 6a to have a nice stroll before it got too hot and bonus, it was so pleasantly quiet without people or cars.

I stopped in Sacramento for a chance to have a visit with Christa, to have a rest day on the trip, the timing between destinations was good, and I like Sacramento.

Me and Christa, then and now. Christa took me out for lunch – she’s got a real job and she wanted to pay! Thanks sweetie!!

Here is where Christa lives, her block, looking up the block and across the street. Sacramento, City of Trees.

Even the Capitol area is nestled among the trees:

Opposite the Capitol.

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